My journey starts when I was in high school. Back then I had a Lumia 925 and I enjoyed building apps for Windows Phone. It was a beautiful playground to improve my programming skills, UI and UX skills. I got the chance to publish some apps to the Windows Store and they got a fair bit of traction. One of them was a flight tracker using the APIs from FlighStats, while another one was a music game where you had to guess the song from 4 options (this one used Nokia’s APIs).
After the Windows Phone departure, I decided to take a break from app development and work on something else. At the time Telegram just released their bot platform and I jumped on the train with a friend of mine, Matteo Contrini. Not only did I took a break from app development, but also from C#, the only programming language I “really” knew. Matteo and I started working with node.js and within some months we released two bots based on that framework: TrackBot and PriceTrackBot. Soon enough both of them became very popular in Italy. While PriceTrackBot went offline some months ago, TrackBot is still available and every day we get new users.
When PriceTrackBot died, I decided to go back to my roots and start working on Android apps. Because of my previous knowledge of C#, I started building apps with Xamarin.Android. On september 2017 my first Android app, UniVR Orari, went online on the Play Store.
My journey is just at the beginning. Today, my interests lie in deep learning and AI. I can’t wait to find my next project that, just like the others, will improve my technical skills.