How to install Ubuntu 20.04 on Hyper-V with enhanced session

Keywords: #ubuntu #20.04 #lts #hyperv #windows10 #installation #vm
A few days ago Canonical officially released the latest version of Ubuntu. The first of the two releases of 2020 marks a new long term support (LTS). This post aims at configuring an Hyper-V virtual machine running Ubuntu 20.04 desktop with enhanced session enabled. At the time of writing this the Hyper-V wizard of Windows 10 1909 supports Ubuntu 18.04 and 19.10, but we can easily bypass this limitation by installing the tools manually.

My solution to the Google HashCode 2020 online round

Keywords: #google #hashcode #csharp
Hi everyone! This post goes through the story behind the development of my solution for the Google HashCode 2020 online round. If you have never heard of Google HashCode, it is a team coding competition made by Google to solve engineering problems. There is no programming language constraints, just a problem to solve in a fixed amount of time. After the online round, the best teams will be invited by Google for the final round.